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BE DIVERSE provides online LGBT+ trainings and workshops to companies that are open to improve their diversity & inclusion strategy.

All courses include statistics, real-life examples and testimonies followed by concrete steps and recommendations to be implemented. 


diego lazaro

Diego Lazaro is an LGBT+ speaker and consultant, who started working in Diversity & Inclusion by collaborating with COGAM, which is one of Spain’s oldest LGBT+ NGOs. Since then he has been providing workshops to top companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Airbus as well as participating in D&I forums, fairs and talks in order to identify the best practices and trends in the field.  

Growing up gay, Diego has been confronted since a young age to the stigma, fear and prejudice related to these topics. This has given him a strong will to start talking about these issues in the workplace, to break down stereotypes and to prevent other people from going through the same struggles. 


Our purpose is to create a safer work environment for LGBT+ employees and to empower colleagues and managers to drive positive changes within their organisation.


We believe that companies should be a reflection of society and should therefore play an increasing role in leading social changes and helping create a more inclusive society for everyone.

Pride Parade


We partner up with top organisations to build a network of collaboration and thrive towards creating D&I initiatives worldwide.

D&I recruitment solutions:








Diversely is the only globally compliant platform built with D&I tech at its core to ensure inclusive recruitment for businesses across five elements of diversity.


Starting at the sourcing and discovery stage of hiring, it’s helping companies understand, track and improve their diversity levels across five key elements for clients like Cisco, McCann, Lloyds Register and Wavemaker. 


The platform solves two key issues for these companies – firstly, helping them to visualise their current levels of diversity and goals around them and secondly, to then give them the tools to attract a wider range of talent without bias whilst tracking and measuring progress towards those goals.

D&I charters:



"The Diversity Foundation" is a a D&I charter signed by companies that are willing to commit to the following 10 initiatives towards improving employee well-being and inclusion: 

1. To raise awareness of the principles of equal opportunities and respect to diversity that must be part of the company’s values and spread among the employees.

2. To progress towards the creation of an inclusive workforce: the company must promote the integration of people of diverse profiles (regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, disability, etc.).

3. To promote inclusion: integration must be effective, avoiding any type of direct or indirect discrimination in the workplace.

4. To include diversity in every people management policy: diversity management should not be just another human resources practice, but an essential factor that lies in the base of every decision taken in this area.

5. To promote balance between work, family and leisure time: organization should stablish mechanisms that allow for a work-life balance for all employees.

6. To acknowledge the diversity of clients: organizations must learn their client’s profile, acknowledging that their diversity is also a source of innovation and development.

7. To extend and communicate this commitment to employees: the commitment of signing the Diversity Charter should be share between all the parts of the company.

8. To extend and communicate this commitment to vendor companies: inviting them to join the community of Spanish companies that voluntarily commit to promoting the Charter.

9. To extend and communicate this commitment to administrations, business organizations, unions and other social agents.

10. To reflect activities in support of non-discrimination, as well as the results obtained from the implementation of diversity policies in the company’s annual report.

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