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Podcasts & interviews

This page gathers some interviews and podcasts that Diego has participated in. Enjoy!

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Podcast -
D&I Digest

​Which comes first, diversity or inclusion? This week we sit down with Diego Lazaro, Madrid-based LGBT+ specialist in the HR space. 


Diego launched his own consultancy, BE DIVERSE, which supports businesses on inclusion for the LGBT+ community.  He offers practical, actionable advice for businesses looking to become more inclusive. Diego speaks openly about the challenges he faced as a gay person growing up in an environment without other openly LGBT people or role models.


In this episode, we cover:

  • The difference between diversity and inclusion and why it matters

  • What does LGBT+ training for businesses look like?

  • Which kinds of companies are typically seeking out LGBT+ consultation

  • What the figures say about diverse workplaces

  • The geographical and generational cultural differences with people’s approach to work

  • Why Diego had to go “back in the closet” when he started working

  • Why coming out is a life-long journey, not just a one-time event

  • Why many are still unable to be their authentic selves in the workplace

  • What does it mean to be an ally and why is allyship important?


All things LGBT+

Annie McKinnon is an authenticity coach, therapist, speaker, writer and podcaster. If you would like to get to know her a bit better visit her website 

In this podcast episode we discuss Diversity & Inclusion initiatives for businesses:


  • How companies can set a safe environment for LGBTQ+ employees - employer branding as a way to attract new talent

  • Fears of coming out at work

  • Becoming an ally when you're a supportive colleague

Diego Lazaro is an LGBT+ speaker and consultant, who works towards improving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace. In past few years he has been providing workshops to top companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Airbus as well as participating in D&I forums, fairs and talks in order to identify the best practices and trends in the field

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​"Diego Lazaro is another entrepreneur using his company to create a safer work environment for LGBTQ employees and empower colleagues and managers to drive positive changes within their organization."


“What makes us unique is our expertise in diversity and inclusion and more specifically in the field of LGBT+ inclusion.The consulting services we provide to companies aim at improving both their human resources strategy as well as their stock exchange rating by implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives,” explains Diego.

Musing on the struggles he has faced as an LGBTQ entrepreneur, particularly fighting against the notion of ‘woke theory’, Diego explains the term ‘being woke’ has come to be used as an insult against all progressive ideas. “Some people believe that talking about LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace is also part of the ‘woke attitude’. As a result, we are experiencing an important backlash in Western countries.


My main challenge is to make people understand that being LGBTQ+ is a social and economic issue that is crucial for the future of any private company. The purpose of my project is to bring this awareness to the business world and to help build a society where we all fit, no matter our differences.”

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