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  • Diego Lazaro

Impact of the new Spanish Trans Law 04/2023 for companies

Keys to understanding the new Law 04/2023 for the equality of LGBTI people in Spain.

This week the approval of Law 04/2023 "For the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people" is celebrated in Spain. The main objective of this new law is to facilitate the transition process for trans people, but it also includes a series of obligations for companies.

1.What type of companies will be affected?

All Spanish companies with more than 50 workers must apply the new measures in the following 12 months after the approval of the law. According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are 3.43 million companies in Spain, of which 1% have more than 50 workers. This means that some 34'300 companies will be affected by this law.

2. What should they implement?

All companies with more than 50 workers must have "a planned set of measures and resources" for the inclusion of the LGTBI community in the workplace, including a specific action protocol for dealing with harassment and discrimination against LGTBI people. The agreed initiatives must be included in the diversity management plan of each company. Until now, the law only required initiatives to promote gender equality and equality for people with disabilities. From now on, the LGTBI collective will also have measures that meet their specific needs.

3.Why is it necessary?

According to Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias, 60% of LGBTI people are inside the closet in the workplace. In addition, 31% of LGBTI people have suffered some kind of direct or indirect discrimination at work (see full article here). It is evident that although Spain is one of the leading countries in terms of LGTBI rights, there is still a lot to be done. Having LGBTI inclusion policies promotes well-being and creates an environment in which people feel comfortable being themselves.

It has been shown that inclusive companies have better employee satisfaction rates, more cohesion between teams and therefore a 47% lower staff turnover rate than average.

4.Where to ask for help?

If you need any ideas, advice or training on the type of initiatives you should implement, contact BE DIVERSE - LGBT+ Corporate Trainings: BE Diverse is a consulting company specialized in the LGBT+ inclusion that provides strategic solutions and awareness trainings. • Assess your company's needs for D&I training • Provides a personalized action plan to implement your strategy • Gives workshops and master lectures on topics related to LGBT+ inclusion. • Determines KPIs to measure changes over time Access the catalog of services:

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