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Diversity & Inclusion Strategy


Adapt your employer branding, culture and policies to improve LGBT+ inclusion.


Define the right policies, company culture and employer branding so you can become a leader when it comes to attracting, motivating and keeping LGBT+ employees. Prevent workplace discrimination by educating your staff on the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives. Ensure that you have an inclusive workplace culture where all employees feel valued, respected and accepted for who they are. This workshop is aimed at managers and directors that are committed to implementing the right LGBT+ Diversity & Inclusion strategy that benefits all employees. In order to be fully effective, these policies should be taken on board by senior management representatives who have a key role in leading the way when it comes to major corporate changes. - Length: 60 min (45 min talk + 15 min questions) - Format: online (worldwide) or in person (Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) - Languages: available in English, French and Spanish


The session will cover the following topics:

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