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LGBT+ Awareness at Work


Good practices for colleagues and managers within the workplace.


Beginner's guide for employees on LGBT+ definitions and good workplace practices. This training is aimed at companies that are just starting with Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and wish to set the foundations and get the key concepts around LGBT+ inclusion at work. Create an inclusive and supportive work environment by offering your team materials on these topics and information on how to be respectful and supportive to all your colleagues regardless of who they love or how they identify. Everyone deserves to work in a company where they feel valued and respected, and the best way to achieve this is by teaching your team how to be respectful towards everyone regardless of their sexuality, gender or other characteristics. - Length: 60 min (45 min talk + 15 min questions) - Format: online (worldwide) or in person (Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) - Languages: available in English, French and Spanish


The session will cover the following topics:

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