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Supporting HIV+ Employees


Let's end the stigma together!


Making the invisible visible. Find out how the HIV/AIDS pandemic has and is still affecting the LGBT+ Community and what companies can do to make their HIV+ employees comfortable to share their status and be comfortable at work. This workshop is aimed at giving up to date information regarding the status of HIV in the world and challenging the myths surrounding this topic. In western societies, being diagnosed with HIV no longer means death. It is possible to live a healthy and happy life with HIV, when the diagnosis is early and the medication is taken appropriately. It is time to break down stereotypes and fears that still perdure today. - Length: 60 min (45 min talk + 15 min questions) - Format: online (worldwide) or in person (Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) - Languages: available in English, French and Spanish


The session will cover the following topics:

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